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Performance Coaching For Men In High Pressure Roles

How To Reduce Stress, Live A Fulfilling Life, And Achieve Peak Productivity Using The Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly System…

..In 90 days or less

Greg Styan - Men's Life Coach

Are you experiencing the dark side of success?

Perhaps you’ve got the perfect job title, a great salary, or an amazing family… but each day you wake up feeling like something is still missing.


In the past 10 years, I’ve worked with over 100 highly driven men who endured a number of hidden struggles.



  • Obsessing over work and checking emails when you should be enjoying time off

  • Drifting through life with no sense of purpose with each day feeling the same as yesterday

  • Feeling the weight of endless deadlines, responsibilities, and expectations pushing down on you

  • Living under the same roof, but feeling worlds apart from family

  • Putting on a brave face around others to pretend everything is running smoothly

  • Seeing your reflection and not recognizing the man staring back at you

You can take back control.

If you’re battling any of the struggles above, it’s important you don’t ignore them.


This can lead to 24/7 frustration, taking stress out on those around you, and even a sudden drop in productivity.


Never underestimate the power of your thoughts. They drive your actions, create your routine, and build your reality.


But when you learn to manage these thoughts, develop deep self-awareness, and build positive habits…

You’ll step out the front door each morning with a clear mind and a renewed enthusiasm for life.

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You’ve struggled alone long enough.

As a coach, my job is to help you go from feeling like a scattered jigsaw puzzle, to becoming a leader of your own life, so you feel mentally sharp and on top of things.


You’ll also learn to savour precious moments with loved ones, and enjoy well deserved time off free of guilt and worry.


I’ve successfully guided over 100 ambitious men to lives they feel proud and in control of.


And it was all done using a 4-step system I have carefully tweaked over the years...


Crawl - Walk - Run - Fly


You'll let go of any limiting beliefs holding you back, visualise the man you want to become, and create a roadmap for getting there.


Using powerful coaching techniques such as Neuro-linguistic programming, you’ll learn to manage the inner workings of your mind, and spark impactful changes in your habits and actions.


Each step of the way, I’ll be in your corner as we tackle roadblocks together. I will support you as a friend, but challenge you, and tell you the things you need to hear to keep sprinting towards your goals.


There’s no limit on what you can achieve, and if you don’t believe in yourself when the journey begins, I'll carry the belief for us both until you do.


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Fast Company

What Some Of The Guys Say...

"I had been feeling like I wasn't enough. Greg gave me the confidence I needed to work with people from all backgrounds. He told me to embrace being my "Authentic Self" and said people would love me for it. They did, and my accent was my strength in the US market. He has a powerful 4 step system and we progressed from "Crawling" to being in a position where I can confidently say I'm "Flying"


VIP Real Estate Agent

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"I had taken on a mammoth project and wasn't sure how I would fit it all in. Greg helped me understand different methods of making myself a priority whilst maintaining my levels of work. He got me to make sure I always maintained my "Life Non-Negotiables'' which was football. I found that by being happier with myself, I was more productive in the workplace. I recommend to anyone who needs help, getting through a tough time"



International Schools Director

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"Partnering with Greg and his tailored program has truly transformed my professional and personal life as a CEO. Greg's daily check-ins and regular advice have become indispensable, offering unwavering support in navigating the complexities of leadership."


Chief Executive Officer

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It’s never too late to become the man you wish to be.

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a driven man who’s achieved a lot, but feels like life is stuck on auto-pilot.


You might be doubting your own abilities, thinking your best years are behind you, or feeling isolated from friends and family. 


Think of life as a finely tuned engine. Each component, from the gears to the circuits, must be maintained for peak performance…


If one part is neglected, the whole system suffers.


When you prioritise relationships, health, and passions, you’ll spark confidence, clarity and conviction that ensures professional success follows more effortlessly.


And above all…


You’ll become happier with yourself, and the people you care deeply about will see a more present, engaged, and vibrant version of you.


The first step is the hardest, and you’ve already taken it.


A quick, relaxed, 30-minute conversation could be the only thing standing between where you are now, and a life of purpose and happiness.


I’ve worked with men who thought long and hard before reaching out…


As the months ticked by, nothing changed, and they found themselves stuck in the same dead-end of stress and uncertainty.


You can make a stand today and avoid losing that precious time.


If you’re ready, click below, and let's have a no obligation 1-1 chat to move one step closer to a life that is healthy, rewarding, and fulfilling.

Not ready for a call?

If finding just 30 minutes for a potentially life-changing breakthrough feels impossible right now, it could be a sign change is needed in your routine more than ever.


By using the chat form below, you can take the next step in under 60 seconds, without the need for booking a call.


We can have a chat about where you are now, where you want to go, and if coaching is the right fit for getting you there.

Thanks for submitting!

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How Do I Know If Men's Life Coaching Is For Me?

Book a discovery session. There's no obligation to go beyond the call. If you decide it’s not for you.. there’s no problem.



Are Our Conversations Confidential?

Absolutely. It’s my priority for you to feel safe and supported. Anything shared stays between us.

Where Do Coaching Sessions Take Place?

From the comfort of your home or office, via call. 



How Much Does Life Coaching Cost?

Prices start at £595 and range to £12,000.


Some men find success in just a matter of weeks. Some prefer to work together for several months.


My strategy is designed to create results that stay with you for the rest of your life… 


But if your expectations of coaching aren’t met in the first 30 days, I'll return your investment with no questions asked. 


What Will We Discuss?

Anything relating to your career, relationships, overall-well being you’re willing to share.


After All… this could be the first chance you’ve had to open up without fear of judgement.


My aim is for sessions to feel like a chat in the pub, so you feel comfortable and relaxed.


What Makes Coaching So Effective?

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, said it best…


“The one thing people are never good at, is seeming themselves as others see them.”


A coach sees your blind spots. While you’re in the maze… I'll be on the outside looking in.


We'll uncover, and use your strengths, weaknesses, and life 'non-negotiables' to build a roadmap towards your ideal reality.


Above all, having me in your back pocket 24/7 will be the real game-changer.


You’ll no longer face challenges as a lone wolf.


Any problems, personal or professional, will be tackled together.




Studies show, the success rate of hitting goals with an accountability partner can be as much as 95%.

A lot of men try to live better lives, but after a matter of weeks, most derail from the tracks and end up back at square one.


Accountability ensures consistent progress.


With me regularly checking in, providing you with fresh perspectives, and holding you accountable to your goals, we’ll ensure you stay committed and make meaningful progress. 


We transform intentions into actions, and actions into life-changing results.


The good news? We can make it happen much faster than you think.

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