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You can thrive professionally while living a balanced, purposeful & fulfilling life...

Greg Styan - Men's Life Coach

"Greg helped me understand different methods of making myself a priority whilst maintaining my levels of work."

Danial, International Schools Director

So you’ve achieved professional success but still feel like something is missing…
You’re not alone.

To outsiders, it may seem like you have it all together.

But underneath the surface, you might be grappling with one or more of these silent struggles…

  • Obsessing over work when you should be enjoying time off

  • Drifting through life instead of truly living it

  • Trapped in daily firefighting and overwhelming responsibility 

  • Losing your confidence and sense of identity

  • Disconnecting from your partner or loved ones

  • Sacrificing your health and well-being to keep everything together

  • Secretly feeling lonely and putting on a brave face around others

  • Everything in your life that should matter to you feels stale

Don't Wait Until Breaking Point To Seek Support.

If cracks are showing in your life, you shouldn’t ignore them.


As this can lead to reckless behaviour, damaged relationships, and even professional decline.


You don’t have to wait until that happens.

It's Time To Take Back Control

It doesn't matter how successful you are, we all have fears and insecurities.


And if you're reading this because you know something isn’t quite right...

Or you’re simply not enjoying life as much as you know you should be.


Understand, you don’t have to face this battle alone.​


I'm Greg Styan. Friend, listening ear, and coach for men.


Typically men in high pressure roles who are serious about creating a life that gives them fulfilment professionally, and personally.


And I've helped over 100 men make this their reality.


These men removed fake smiles, and didn’t let egos or stigmas stop them from seeking guidance.


They began prioritising health, hobbies, and relationships. 


Which let them become leaders of their own life, be there for those around them, and start living a life they enjoy.


​Think of your body as a finely tuned engine...


Every component, from the gears to the circuits, must be maintained for peak performance.


If one part is neglected, the whole system suffers. ​

Your body and mind are no different.


When each area of your life exists in harmony…


Any thoughts making you feel like a scattered jigsaw puzzle will clear. And you'll be able to focus on the right things and reclaim time for everything that gives your life meaning.


​And most of all…


You'll feel happier with yourself, more comfortable in your own skin, and loved ones will see a more present, engaged, and vibrant version of you.



Business Insider
Fast Company

What Some Of The Guys Say

"I had been feeling like I wasn't enough. Greg gave me the confidence I needed to work with people from all backgrounds. He told me to embrace being my "Authentic Self" and said people would love me for it. They did, and my accent was my strength in the US market. He has a powerful 4 step system and we progressed from "Crawling" to being in a position where I can confidently say I'm "Flying"


VIP Real Estate Agent

"I had taken on a mammoth project and wasn't sure how I would fit it all in. Greg helped me understand different methods of making myself a priority whilst maintaining my levels of work. He got me to make sure I always maintained my "Life Non-Negotiables'' which was football. I found that by being happier with myself, I was more productive in the workplace. I recommend to anyone who needs help, getting through a tough time"



International Schools Director

"Partnering with Greg and his tailored program has truly transformed my professional and personal life as a CEO. Greg's daily check-ins and regular advice have become indispensable, offering unwavering support in navigating the complexities of leadership."



Invest In Your Future

Together, we’ll remove the roadblocks in your actions, habits, and behaviors that have been keeping you from living the life you’re truly capable of.


I will support you with powerful tools and solutions to help you manage the inner workings of your mind, and master your once chaotic routine.

You’ll ignite the confidence, clarity, and belief you need to finally feel on top of things, make better decisions in your career and personal life, while developing a positive and balanced way of thinking. 


You’ll start to savour precious time spent on passions, hobbies, and moments of happiness & laughter with the people that give your life meaning.

Although you will likely see immediate positive change, coaching is a journey, and not always a quick fix.

But for those serious about thriving professionally, without having their personal life or well-being affected..

Coaching can help you skip past months, or even years of trying to figure everything out alone.

So, if you're ready to learn more about how I can help you...

Click below, and let's have a relaxed, no obligation 1-1 chat about getting you started on your journey to a life that is healthy, balanced, and fulfilling.

Take The First Step To Changing Your Life

If you're not ready for a call, but you're serious about making a positive change in your life, don't hesitate to use the contact form below and we can have a relaxed, judgement free chat by text.


Thanks for submitting!




How Do I Know If Men's Life Coaching Is For Me?

Book a discovery session. There's no obligation to go beyond the call. If you decide it’s not for you.. there’s no problem.



Are Our Conversations Confidential?

Absolutely. It’s my priority for you to feel safe and supported. Anything shared stays between us.



How Much Does Life Coaching Cost?

This can vary. Some men find success in a matter of weeks. Some prefer to work together over a matter of months.


I have full confidence I can help spark the change you’re looking for.


So if your expectations of coaching aren’t met in the first 30 days… I'll return your investment with no questions asked. 



What Will We Discuss?

Anything you’re willing to share.


After All… this could be the first chance you’ve had to open up without fear of judgment.


My aim is for sessions to feel like a chat in the pub, so you feel comfortable and relaxed.



What Makes Coaching So Effective?

A coach sees your blind spots. While you’re in the maze… I'll be on the outside looking in.


And I’ll help transform your mindset and routine with powerful coaching tools.


But having me in your back pocket 24/7 will be the game-changer.


You’ll no longer face challenges as a lone wolf…


Any problems, personal or professional, will be tackled together.




Studies show, the success rate of hitting goals with an accountability partner can be as much as 95%.

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