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Client Results


I prioritise my clients' needs and aim to give them the best outcome in every session.


I make sure our sessions feel more like a chat in the pub with a friend, so you feel relaxed, encouraged, and supported.


Regardless of your background, challenges, or aspirations, I'm committed to guiding you towards success. But don't just take my word for it.


Hear directly from some of my clients about their experiences and transformations.

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"I had taken on a mammoth project and wasn't sure how I would fit it all in. Greg helped me understand different methods of making myself a priority whilst maintaining my levels of work. He got me to make sure I always maintained my "Life Non-Negotiables'' which was football. I found that by being happier with myself, I was more productive in the workplace. I recommend to anyone who needs help, getting through a tough time"


Danial, International Schools Director

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"Greg helped me set goals and make my life Non-negotiables a priority. I needed more balance in my life. To make more time for what truly matters. To become more efficient. We worked together and I achieved"


Edward, Celebrity Chef

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"Partnering with Greg and his tailored program has truly transformed my professional and personal life as a CEO. Greg's daily check-ins and regular advice have become indispensable, offering unwavering support in navigating the complexities of leadership. Thanks to this program, I've achieved a remarkable improvement in my work-life balance. It's been an invaluable investment, and I wholeheartedly recommend Greg's expertise for anyone seeking a transformative and personalized approach."


Will, CEO

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"I had been feeling like I wasn't enough. Greg gave me the confidence I needed to work with people from all backgrounds. He told me to embrace being my "Authentic Self" and said people would love me for it. They did, and my accent was my strength in the US market. He has a powerful 4 step system and we progressed from "Crawling" to being in a position where I can confidently say I'm "Flying".


Sebastian, VIP Real Estate Agent

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"Greg's life coaching has been a turning point in my battle against alcohol addiction. His guidance and strategies empowered me to regain control. His ongoing support was invaluable in my journey to recovery."​


Steve, Accountant

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"Greg's coaching has been a game-changer for my health journey. The coaching summaries and resources were invaluable, keeping me accountable and motivated. His approach not only transformed my habits but has set me on a path to a happier, healthier, and more productive life. I highly recommend Greg's coaching for anyone looking for an impactful, and tailored wellness program."

Sam, Digital Nomad

 "I was overwhelmed with responsibility, but Greg showed me how to manage my workload effectively. Now, I can enjoy my time off without constantly thinking about work."

G.B. Chief Technology Officer

"Greg's coaching helped me realise the importance of work-life balance. I used to obsess over work, but now I have strategies to enjoy my time off and truly live in the moment."

A.W. Financial Consultant

 "Greg's coaching has been a game-changer for me. He helped me find my off switch and live a more balanced and fulfilling life. I feel more present and engaged with my family now."


P.D. Director of sales 

  "Working with Greg has been transformative. He taught me how to manage my responsibilities without sacrificing my health and well-being. I feel more confident and connected with my loved ones now."


O.T. Project Manager 

  "Greg's guidance allowed me to reclaim control over my life. I now have a better work-life balance, and my relationships have never been stronger. I can't thank him enough."


L.B. Investment Banker 

"Greg's holistic approach to coaching made a huge difference in my life. I learned to prioritise myself and my relationships, which has improved both my professional performance and personal happiness."

M.J. Marketing Director

"Greg's holistic approach to coaching has helped me achieve a much-needed balance in my life. I now have time for my hobbies and relationships, and I feel more fulfilled than ever."

N.Y. Senior Legal Counsel

  "Thanks to Greg, I've learned to prioritise my health and well-being while excelling at work. His coaching has made me a better manager and a happier person overall."


W.B. Operations Manager 

 "Greg's coaching was exactly what I needed to regain control of my life. His methods helped me manage my stress and improve my overall well-being. I highly recommend him."


D.P. Business Analyst 

 "I was drifting through life, but Greg helped me find direction and purpose. His coaching has been invaluable in helping me become a leader in both my professional and personal life."


N.B. Real Estate Developer  

Ready To Start Your Own Journey?

You’ve already taken a massive step just by being here. 


Understand, these men once found themselves in a similar situation to you. But they made a stand, and stopped locking their problems away. 

Let’s build on this momentum together and get you started on your own path to a life of inner fulfilment and purpose.

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